It’s HARD being stuck inside all day. Cabin fever anyone? Thankfully, EVERYTHING is online now. Want to attend a free Happiness Class at Yale? Check. Laughter Yoga? Check. Cooking Classes for Kids? Check. Self Advocacy? Check. How about reading all of Harry Potter’s Books for free? Check. Yoga for Autism Kids? Check. Autism and Comedy? Check. Basically, the WHOLE World is OPEN online. The only thing I ask is that you PLEASE verify the host has not cancelled. Otherwise, enjoy!

Spectrum Parents Events, Org.

Virginia Beach, VA
221 Spectrum Parents Events

With all my heart and soul, I L-O-V-E this group. LOVE. I love that I can post at 2am about my son not sleeping and SOMEONE will be THERE for me to give me a cyber HIGH-FIVE a…

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