Painting-with-Red-WineWe will learn to paint with RED WINE ONLY – Online

This activity is very special, it is not only about the art, but as well about enjoying time with friends. Sounds cool, right?

At the moment very few people worldwide use this technique, and I would be very happy to use it with you and help you paint with something that everyone has in their home.

During the class, I will explain the difference between wine techniques and watercolors. I will help you understand more about supplies as paintbrushes and paper. Why we use some and not use other supplies. I will explain as well the basics of drawing lines, and how those help us in expressing ourselves.

I will guide you, and help to solve your doubts, I will answer every question you will make. I will get out of you the artists that stay inside each of us.Other things to note:

You will need a good internet connection and please, make sure you have all the requested supplies.

Keep the Date Saved! February 7th;) Ala, the instructor, is our Host 😉