Shutterfly Photo albums

These albums are gold. If I’m having a no-good, very bad day, I can look back at these precious moments and remember all the fun we’ve had together. Sure, I’ve wanted to run away. Sure, I’ve thought about day drinking. Day Drinking with #SethMyers – I just can’t even imagine. And now it’s on my bucket list.

Raising little people is hard. Stressful. And can make you go nuts.

Go on vacations. Day trips. The park. Capture sweetness. Happiness. Follow through and make the album. You’re going to need it. But, more importantly you’re going to treasure it.

I made all mine on Shutterfly because it’s easy. We have enough going on – no need to get stressed and make it perfect. It’s ok if the pic isn’t centered-your older self won’t care. But, back to Shutterfly-it’s scrapbooking digitalized. You can add funny sayings and cool stickers. So, get those pics off your phone and into an album. Trust me.

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Spectrum Parents Events, Org.

Virginia Beach, VA
245 Spectrum Parents Events

With all my heart and soul, I L-O-V-E this group. LOVE. I love that I can post at 2am about my son not sleeping and SOMEONE will be THERE for me to give me a cyber HIGH-FIVE a…

Check out this Meetup Group →

Join us! Text “Autism Events” to 757-418-6049 and build your autism family. 

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