Good Times Ahead


Imagine a park-like setting, creating a cool pumpkin for your porch, and a bubble machine. I am in! October 10th..more info to follow! Keep your eyes on Meetup 😉

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The Ultimate Guide to Upcoming Autism Events in Hampton Roads

"Thanks so much for planning tonight’s event. I almost didn’t do it and I really had to step out of my comfort zone since everything is so new and scary right now,  but it was exactly what I think we all needed." -Stephanie Beggs, Spectrum Parents Mom Got an...

Today’s Activities

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Autism Mom’s Day MONTH

All of the following are in the works for Mother’s Day Month so keep MAY open! We are celebrating Mom’s Day the whole month of May! Contest to win a night with brunch at The Historic Cavalier Hotel & Beach Club! Comedy & Autism = Best Therapy EVER with Winston...