About Us | Making Life Easier | Spectrum Parents EventsBoth were born preemies. With my firstborn, I was hospital bound from 28 weeks till my blood pressure dropped and his heart rate skyrocketed at 33 weeks (6lbs). 1st emergency c-section. Afterward, he was in the NICU fighting some pretty rough medical issues for 4 weeks. My second baby was a planned c-section but ended up being an emergency C-section at 34 weeks (8lbs). He only had to stay in the step-up unit for a week.





They both have macs (for brains) and are impressive critical thinkers, outside the box problem solvers, and have hearts of gold. My oldest is incredibly intuitive and my youngest has strong convictions. Even though they’ve had more of their fair share of speed bumps, they are going to make this world a better place.

So no matter where your kid starts at in life, you’ll be so proud of where they land.

Try to cherish the moments that seem to slip right past us if we aren’t paying close enough attention.

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