We left the house about 12:50 to walk down to Live Oak Cafe for our 1:00 reservation…that’s where our Thanksgiving dinner story begins, long story short, we still haven’t had dinner.(btw that in no way reflects Live Oak, their dinner was amazing and I look forward to eating my leftovers shortly 😋)

You would think after at least 15+ years of this I would figure out that Lily just doesn’t care about Thanksgiving dinner, in fact, it literally makes her sick.

Anyway, I won’t share all the details, we tried, and then we left and went for a walk.

I must confess, when we left the restaurant, I purposely took the long way home, but it was worth it! (please note the many expressions in this picture series)

We walked, giggled, hugged and smooched, enjoyed the sights, and turned the frown upside down! We even stumbled upon some words of inspiration!

It would be a lie to say I’m not disappointed sometimes, things have rarely gone my way for many, many years now, but the lessons and the joy this sweet girl has brought to my life are immeasurable, and for that, I am thankful everyday❣️✨🥰🙏

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– Felisa, Autism Mom