Connor rocks. He went from a self-contained special education classroom to graduating early at 16! Yes, he’s on the Autism Spectrum, but that did not stop him. It was definitely challenging, but thankfully “Team Connor” was 100% behind him the whole way.

For Connor’s graduation, I asked everyone on Team Connor to join us on a surprise zoom celebration. It’s going to be EPIC.

Many of his Team Connor teachers came from Kempsville Elementary, a few from Kempsville Middle, one from Kempsville High. And, Chelsea. We were so lucky to have found her. She did three years of ABA with him.

Mrs. Leal, his 2nd-grade made the most heartwarming video. She’s amazing. So amazing, I made a Shutterfly Book of all our adventures for her end of the year present. She said her next class was jealous and asked when they got to do everything in that book. ????

It got me thinking though. Why wait till graduation? You could do a shout out video at the end of each year with teachers who had a special connection with your kiddo. That would be an incredible collection of happiness.

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