Super Speed Skate, HIGH Jumps, Spinning out of Control, Laughing So Hard It Hurts…and definitely being a kid again….

SK8 DOJO Skating Virignia Beach in Kempsville

Old School PLAYLIST – Sinead O’Connor, Simple Minds, Pat Benatar, The Cars, U2, Billy Idol, INXS, Def Leopard, Journey, Jon Bon Jovi, & Cheap Trick… 🙂

We had the best of times.  Super speed skating, laughing, singing LOUD –  all while trying not to fall.  It felt like we would never grow up.

Preston. That was his name (can’t believe I even remember!).  I knew he was way too old for me,  but oh, what a crush I had on him!!!!

SK8 DOJO Skating Rink in Kempsville NOW

Spectrum Parents chose one Sunday afternoon to check out SK8 DOJO.  The kids had an EPIC time.  When the lights went off and the laser show began, our kids were in heaven.  We are already thinking about our next meet-up!

But this Sunday is already booked. We are going to let off some steam and have Nerf Battles at Bayside Recreation Center. SOOOOO Stoked.

When I went skating there some 30 years ago, it was called Kempsville Family Skating Center, but the new owners went with SK8 DOJO, which has a cool ring to it.

They have taken this rink to a new level and made it brand spankin’ new again. I am tickled.  It is CLEAN, brightly lit, and he floors have an epic shine.

Thank goodness my kids are not quite where I was 30 years ago!!!!

I know it’s coming, but I am definitely burying my head a little in the sand on those thoughts for a LONG while.  BREATHE.

Photos: SK8 DOJO Photos …(they are yours – to print, share, love, and frame)