5ks and Fun Walks

I am so excited that I got to be a part of this years Step UP for Down Syndrome at Mt. Trashmoore. Both my son and I participated in the 5k, although he ran it and I walked it with my dear friends, Laura Tomon and Lynn McIntosh.

Lynn McIntosh is not only a client, but a very special friend.  Those are the best; clients who become great friends.  When I had a brain tumor removed, guess who showed up with mouth watering cupcakes at my door?  Yes, Lynn.

Step UP for Downs Syndrome

Lynn’s story is like no other:

Noah was born June 23, 2000 and mom and dad had no idea that Noah would be born with Down Syndrome.  This did not change anything after we were told that Noah had Down Syndrome.  Noah was also born with a left fused elbow and three digits on his left hand, but uses the left arm and hand as if nothing was wrong. Noah has had significant developmental delays and communication disorders.  After researching and presenting articles of evidence of children with Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder to doctors in Hawaii and North Carolina, I found TEAACH at UNC.  TEAACH is an Autism program at the University of North Carolina, with extensive research, clinics, evaluations, parent support groups, tranings and many other areas of resources.  After two days of extensive evaluations, Noah obtained a second diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in June, 2011.  Having a dual diagnosis with autism is unique, and many children with special needs have a dual diagnosis which may include Autism.  It has been a difficult road for my family and finding activities that Noah can participate in, where I feel like he fits in.  I am thankful for living in the Hampton Roads area where I can find resources and activities for Noah to participate in and connect with other familes that have children with Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Noah has a joy and love about him that I wish other’s could experience.  Uncoditional love that he shows and the joy of a care free spirit with God walking with him.

Sunny Fox is my HERO

She is on a mission to run 1000 races.  She is almost to her half way mark, last time I checked.  She paced Alexis who pushed her brother who has Autism.

Step UP for Downs Syndrome

Sunny not only loves to run, but has a very special place in her heart for running this race:

The ENT doctor who operated on my husband and me for skin cancer and thyroid cancer–her daughter has Down Syndrome. I did it to support her child and family. In fact, her daughter is in the video..it’s the little girl with blond hair–looks like she is sitting down and looking at something down the finish line???? It WAS Doc’s husband who pushed the little girl (Rachel) in the other race chair that Bill helped up get together that morning. Doc asked if I could find a race chair and I asked Todd if we could use both chairs. PLUS I was teaching at Princess Anne NJROTC for the week (subbing) so I asked the Captain senior instructor if we could ask cadets if they would VOLUNTEER to help at the race so that Doc (who was also the Volunteer Coordinator) could use more people to help out. Right place at the right time. Doc’s name Captain (Dr.) Ashley Schroeder, USN, …so I would just say to support a friend who always is there for me.

Photos: Step UP for Downs Syndrome (they are yours – to print, share, love, and frame)