One of the biggest concerns I run into while creating an autism family event is getting people out of their home. For years, they’ve tried to take their kiddos to fun family events, only to have other families glare, parent the child who is losing it, or spew rude comments. So they give up and become a recluse which leads to severe depression, apathy, auto-immune diseases, and debilitated migraines.

“It’s beyond tough raising a kid on the autism spectrum. And many parents are holding on by a thread.”

Before anyone judges, don’t you think we wish our kiddo wasn’t having a super sonic meltdown on isle five? We are insanely embarrassed and looking for that rock to crawl under. Isle 6? 7? 8? No rock. Just people staring.

This year, let’s help that parent. Put yourself in their shoes. See a mom frazzled and a kid screaming? It may be sensory overload and her child doesn’t know how to tell us what is wrong.

This is where you come in – that red-faced mom on the verge of losing it, help her. Collect yourself first ➖ stop & breathe. Then, ask if they need help. If you’re somewhere they sell coffee, go buy them one. If your in the checkout line, pay for the toy, candy or first five items. You have no idea how that simple act of kindness will turn their day around.

If nothing else, just smile & let them know it will get easier ➖ like someone did for me several years ago while I was sumo wrestling my boys into Walmart.