Surf Camp with Seth Broudy, Wahine Surf Club and Inside Out Learners

Words cannot express the happiness, exhilaration, high-five moments, and just pure joy. One of our Spectrum Moms said it best….

I wanted to pass along my sincere gratitude to Suzi Noyes & Pam Toth – Love Where You Live, Seth & all of the awesome surfers with Seth Broudy School of Surf ?‍♀️?, the amazing volunteers from Wahine Surf Club, @Inside Out Learners & everyone who helped pull this morning together. I think we’ve all heard water is the great equalizer & it couldn’t be more true. There weren’t neurotypical and neurodivergent kids out there – just kids having fun. Y’all even got my little Spidey on a board ~ thanks, Christian! (and Lauren & all the others whose names escape me at the moment … everyone was phenomenal!) We feel blessed to live in such a supportive, friendly community and are thankful for special people who share their talents to bless others.