See that joy? That’s why you do Surfer’s Healing. At SH, your kiddo will have on a life jacket with a strap on the back. They’ll most likely ride tandem – and with that strap, they gently pull up your child, if that’s what they want. These guys are pros from all over the world.

It’ll be one of the best days of your lives. Bring a camera, video camera and tissues. There will be lots of happy tears. If you don’t have a camera, don’t worry. They’ll be plenty of volunteer photographers to capture that moment.

(This photo was taken a couple years after SH at a local surf camp. It was the very first time Connor surfed on his own. While surfing, Connor has an incredible balance, much more so than he does on land ?. When they are still little, they can pop up on the smallest of small waves, which makes it so much more fun)

I’m thinking about offering my photog services so your kiddo will have my undivided attention.

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