Why do I love Surfer’s Healing?

…because this kid is totally at peace while surfing with Izzy….

Surfer's Healing 2013 Virginia Beach
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Everything about Surfer’s Healing is beyond amazing. Parents are calling it #oneperfectday because they live for this day all year long.

It is the one day that the BEST surfers in the world come to us and our kids with Autism get to experience the joys of SURFING.

Very emotional tears will be seen streaming down parent’s faces, ear splitting grins will be seen through out our kids faces, and shouts of laughter can be heard for miles on beach.

Feel free to download any and all pictures from Surfer’s Healing, Virginia Beach.  These are in a grid format so you can pick and choose your favorites.

Surfer’s Healing – All the Photos from this Video

Surfer’s Healing started years ago with Izzy Paskowitz.  Get your tissues.