Lee’s Lil Shorebreakers is a non-profit surfing camp for kids in Virginia Beach.. All the kids surf at no cost, get amazing snacks and lunch everyday, goodie bags and a party on the beach on the last day.. Nothing can really describe the feeling you get watching kids surf for the first time.. They don’t even have to be your kids and you’ll cheer them on as they ride to the shore. Over the years, Lee’s friends from high school have helped teach little groms how to surf. We started volunteering at this camp in 2012. My kids grew up at this camp. While they caught waves, I captured stolen moments.
The surfing camp in Virginia Beach was started to honor their son, Lee – he did not make it after doing an inverted flip.
This surfing program has become more than a just a camp – it is a loving community of friends, family, and little groms. I love BrianJean, and this camp. Take a peek at their page on Facebook, give it a like, and read more about Lee. Thank you for your help and remember….Ride every wave like its your last!

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