Joy-Filled Day! Surfing with Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Surfing and Autism
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Yes, I AM living through my KIDS!  I have A-L-W-A-Y-S wanted to surf.

It all started when I was 17 and thought I was COOL.  Sporting my 1972 Bronco, top down, I grabbed my boyfriend’s board and went for it.  Nada, zilch, diddly-squat…I was a limp noodle out there and could not catch ANY-THING.

Twenty SOME years later, married to the “boyfriend,”  and 2 kids later…my DREAM is finally coming true!  FINALLY.

It came about through Surfer’s Healing, an AMAZING group of surfers.  Their passion is surfing with kids on the Autism Spectrum.  They are a world-wide group of guys who take out kids on the Autism Spectrum for a DAY of JOY. Seriously, the tears of joy streaming down a parent’s face is priceless.

Surfing with Kids on the Autism Spectrum
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From that point on, my desire for the kids to SURF has been kicked up a FEW THOUSAND NOTCHES. Poor things! And, this video did not help their case at all…

After seeing my kids surf for the first time, everything clicked. We have tried it all: soccer, baseball, gymnastics, etc. My “kid” is the one out in the baseball field TASTE-TESTING the dirt…

We FINALLY found something they both CAN DO and DO IT WELL. Kids on the spectrum just FEEL COMFORTABLE in the WATER. Beach, pool, puddle. They are HAPPY.

Fast forward to this summer, we are still surfing. Seth Broudy School of Surf has created a DAY Surf Camp just for kids on the spectrum. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these SURFERS. Kind, patient, laid-back and WILLING TO TAKE US ON.

Great Surfer
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Surfing with kids on the Autism Spectrum:

Next Day Surf Camp for Spectrum Parents: July 6, 2012 At Croatan Beach.

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