Sunflowers in the winter

Take What YOU Love and Scatter it Throughout Your Home 

No matter what the season, make your home a peaceful, gorgeous haven.  I love the beach, Pottery Barn and Ikea.  So, when my wall came out, I de-cluttered (a-lot) and started over. Pinterest was my best friend.  I had a Beach Board and a Great Room Idea Board.  I love, love, love Pinterest 😉

Hall Way Decorating Ideas Pottery Barn

Start small.  Take the end of my hallway, I hung an old mirror over a distressed side table and placed a cool personal photo on it. The photo was such a find.  At Santa’s Stocking one of the crafters was selling word art framed photos.  You could have any word you wanted framed.  He took everyday items and made them into letters.  I chose our last name, NOYES.  N-Books, O-Lens, Y-Industrial, E-Electrical, S-ManHole.

Shabby Chic Beach Decor - Pottery Barn

The inspiration for this corner of my fireplace is an old scooter.  I picked this wonderful piece up at a garage sale in Norfolk for $5.  Yes, $5.  Add a bowl a seashells, a glass bottle with some sea glass and then imagine yourself, 10 years old, flying down an oceanfront street, wind in your hair.  Life is good.

Family Rules Word Art - Pottery Barn

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.  Throw in a personal photo, some flowers and Word Art and create a simple, yet classic table top.  Word Art is everywhere and some of the best pieces can be found at TJ MAXX.

IKEA Storage Wall

We live in a old ranch home that lacks some serious storage.  IKEA to the rescue!!!  I adore the hardware I found – it totally transformed the piece for me.

North End Oceanfront, Shabby Chic Decor

I snapped this picture in the dead of winter down at the North End in Virginia Beach.  The piece holding my seashell finds is an old wood grain sifter.  Love, love, love it 😉

Primitive Art, Shabby Chic, Beach Decor

You cannot go wrong with distressed metal and a beachy wood frame.  Mix and match different mediums to create that WOW.  Above all, have fun and please share with me your works of art 😉