The Beach is Calling MY NAME!!!

Summer can’t get here fast enough!!! The beach, sand, and surf is literally calling my name. If we could just have one sunny day, I’d play hookie this week with the kids (just a half day!!!)  But, we got lucky! When the sun peaked out last night, instead of breaking the rules, I was able to squeeze an hour of guilt-free beach time!

With the perfect amount of wind, just enough surf, and plenty of sunshine, we ran to the beach! Once we hit the sand, my boys did not skip a beat-off into the ocean they went!  It was still around 80 degrees, but the water was a cool 66!! If they could live in the ocean, they would…

The beach was flowing with happy people, thrilled feel the wind in their hair, the sun on their backs, and the water on their toes. It was a perfect mix of waves, sun, and sand. Here’s hoping for a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend so get to nibble on summer again!!!