Finding the spectrum parents was one of the best things that happened to us on our Autism journey. For me, autism was very isolating. My kiddo is on the moderate to severe end of the spectrum. Having a group to go to for advice and support was something I didn’t know I needed until I found it. I remember finally feeling like we belonged somewhere.

Over the years, we have gone to some fantastic events. We try and participate in as many things as possible, but there is always something in me that feels like we should do more to give back.

Somehow show my appreciation for all this group is and does. This Halloween was our second annual trick or treating, and the second time we signed up to decorate and pass out candy. The first time was so much fun.

How could we not do it again? This year we had many new kiddos sign up to trick or treat. Oh, the excitement I felt when I saw how many were coming this year. As they were coming and going, a dad came up to me to tell me to thank you for all we did. I could see the emotion in his eyes during our magical Halloween Night for Autism Families. It was everything I could not do to not break down and cry. Because I knew exactly where that emotion was coming from – we’ve all been in his shoes.

The big holidays are hard for our kiddos and when they finally get to participate in something so extraordinary that is just for them is a fantastic feeling. That is what I think that dad felt when they walked through our Halloween display. What he didn’t know was how much his kind words did for me. I finally felt like I gave back some, and it really made my heart happy. It was amazing to feel like I helped make even one parent feel joy! I don’t think that dad knew what he did for me that night, but I will never forget his kind words and the emotion on his face! It’s moments like this that recharge us. That makes all the hard work worth it. So thank you to that dad for so many reasons.

Tina Bock, Spectrum Parents Mom 

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