Today was one of those days I live for – Izzy being Izzy

What a beautiful day! Life is always stressful in September because Theresa is so busy with work, end-of-fiscal year projects closing, and new ones to bid for, yada, yada, yada.

This year is so much more than most. COVID-19 has changed life as we know it. Having to find all new attendants for Izzy and trying to do what’s best for her educational needs now that she is an adult. It all has nearly been overwhelming at times.

Today though was just one of the days that I live for. Izzy just being Izzy. The new girl called out, so I was watching Izzy. She wanted to fight me on almost everything I asked her to do…

But all the time it was like I was fighting a young adult who had an agenda different than mine. She did not want to do chores or ride a bike.

We compromised, she helped me bring in the trash and we walked again to the end of the driveway and she helped me wash one window. And she got a pancake in the afternoon in addition to her normal snacks and she got to go on a few more car rides than normal and I didn’t force her to ride bikes.

She was very loving with me at bedtime giving hugs and kisses and I went back down the hallway to start doing chores when I realized she had figured out how to stack the large Jenga blocks as high as they will stack, leaning them on an in table and wall near the bottom and using the light switch to stabilize the top of the stack. She has been trying to stack them like this unsuccessfully for weeks and it scares me every time they fall because they are loud and some damage is likely.

BUT WOW! She did it! And I think she was kind of happy to leave that stack standing when she went to bed! I am sure tomorrow will be another stressful day! But I wanted to share with everyone how proud I am for Izzy right now! She may never be an engineer like her mom, but she built a tower today and that is incredibly cool!

– Alan McMillan, Spectrum Parent Dad