The school wished to drop all services due to the fact that Lance has enough credits for a general diploma and he will be 18 next year. Lance has 1 more year of school and wishes to pursue an advanced diploma.

So here we are in his IEP meeting and they tell us they will offer us COLAB English and history but nothing else. This leaves him independent in chemistry, algebra 2, and Spanish 3. Mind you Lance doesn’t need a 2nd teacher or individual instruction in anything but he requires help with organizational skills, self-advocacy, an alternate place to work (he is a verbal thinker -therefore very disruptive to others), extra time to complete assignments, assignments to be adapted (more workspace, fewer problems)and frequent check-ins to ensure he is completing work correctly.

So I suggest they provide him with academic support so a 2nd teacher isn’t placed just for him but a TA could cover his needs. The AP then insults her sped teachers and TAs by stating she does not have an adult qualified to teach those higher thinking classes. WTH. I finally lost it when the AP threw her hand up in disgust and slammed them on the table. Anyone who knows me will probably tell you, I never raise my voice, never get mad, I’m the most even-keeled person you will ever meet and when I say I lost it I literally lost.

I told the AP to DROP HER ATTITUDE. Shannon says I went on to say, “You probably have never had to deal with a Mom that has 30+ years of special education. I know my rights, I know my son’s rights, and if all else fails you will be stuck with a stay-put IEP and I WILL GET WHAT I WANT, WHAT MY SON NEEDS.”

Several head shakes later, the meeting ends with an AP who refuses to talk to me, and my son receiving COLAB English and History, academic support chemistry and algebra 2, Spanish 3 one on one online at his own pace, architecture, and graphic design, 1-week residential DARS support this summer, once a week one on one DARS support next school year, and an automatic into the Wilson rehab center upon graduation.

This is way more than I went into the IEP wanting but when you anger Momma Bear, you pay the price. No, I’m working on my letter to the principal and head of sped to voice my concerns about how this was all handled. If you’ve stayed with me this long, thank you so much and know…your baby can be and do anything.

Picture of my always penguin wearing, baby shark loving boy who has come so far (nonverbal, not potty trained, barely walking self-contained Kindergartener – advanced diploma wanting, and Disney Imagineer Dreamer)

– Alicia, Autism Mom