My Autism Events
Every week in Spectrum Parents, someone asks, “what is the best school for kids with autism?”  For me it has always depended on:

  1. ME
  2. My Child
  3. The Teacher
  4. Administration

But, recently I did a poll in Spectrum Parents to see where everyone lives so we could get together more often.  Being a parent of a child with special needs can be very isolating.

By doing this poll, it also showed what schools were the most popular for kids with autism.  You can search different sites and read reviews upon reviews, but they are about neuro-typical kids.  Not the special needs population.  So…take a peek and consider this data when looking for your new home:

  1. Western Branch, Chesapeake
  2. Landstown High, Virginia Beach (Also home to the STEM Academy)
  3. Granby High, Norfolk
  4. Ocean Lakes High, Virginia Beach
  5. Greenbrier Intermediate, Chesapeake
  6. Princess Anne High, Virginia Beach.