We were so lucky to have Autism Families volunteer to decorate their homes and pass out candy to kids on the spectrum so they can go trick or treating before Halloween.


1. They won’t get “in trouble” for grabbing too much candy due to poor fine motor skills.
2. They won’t get turned away because they can’t say “trick or treat” because they are nonverbal. (Yes, this has happened)
3. All ages are welcomed because many kids on the spectrum are 2-3 years behind compared to neurotypical kids.
4. They can use any color pumpkin they choose.
5. There won’t be as many people out. Crowds cause our kids to have anxiety so they might normally skip it. Now, they have a choice.
The big night was October 24th. I mapped out all the homes and rating them from G-R so parents picked which homes were best for their families.