What do autism parents worry about daily?

➖ Little to no support or encouragement from spouse or family
➖Helping my kids find their village
➖Providing the tools to help her succeed as an adult
➖My son is being included in activities with peers.
➖For me, support. For my child, socialization.
➖Being able to get out and enjoy doing things, meeting new people.
➖Emotional regulation
➖Keeping them mentally well during covid isolation
➖Legal guardianship and conservatorship.
➖Making the right choices when it comes to therapy and not letting the thoughts of others bother me.
➖School collaboration
➖Handling the stress that comes with two kids on the spectrum and finding better ways to handle the issues that arise when dealing with ASD
➖Not having any friends
➖There are so many things I’m afraid of, but my top concern is that he’ll never \”catch up\” or \”fit in.\” I’m so scared he’ll be bullied in school, won’t have any friends, won’t succeed in classes…I want to find a group of people who will accept him and his guild-ridden, broken mom.
➖How to tell family members    ➖Affording services needed
➖Just trying to survive
➖Nonverbal and six without being potty trained
➖Lack of services for adults
➖Socialization and navigating néw diagnosis
➖Finding the best programs to support my social skills
➖Socialization outside school and stem program with children his age.
➖Living away from my Hampton Roads peeps
➖Keeping him motivated and me not stressed.
➖We homeschool, and I would like to fund more ways for him to socialize.
➖Support for my son & our family
➖Keeping my sanity
➖I want to support him the best I can
➖IEP. I finally found an advocate, and I am so relieved.
➖Finding the resources she needs to live independently.
➖Not knowing if I am getting through to my daughter.
➖Impulse control, socialization skills, perception challenges
➖Making sure I’m up in the latest and greatest to help my son.
➖Physical activities and lack of
➖Impulsiveness and yeast overgrowth
➖Activities for The Whole family
➖Finding connections for parents of the kids I work with
➖Network of friends
➖Our diagnosis is recent. I feel overwhelmed, and I’m looking for a sound support system to guide me through
➖Starting ABA so late
➖Finding places and activities where he feels welcome and accepted
➖Coping..will he ever talk
➖Executive functioning
➖Communication/language and social delays
➖It’s 3 am…so not being able to sleep 😉
➖Isolation and lack of respite from caregiving time.
➖Figuring out how she can function in the real world and attain her goals. Also, learning better ways to communicate with her.
➖How this will affect his life growing up
➖How to conquer school challenges with child on the spectrum.
➖How I and others respond to his tantrums
➖Accommodating sensory needs.
➖Her understanding of the proper social response
➖Hormones and making friends
➖Division in the autistic community caused by extreme views
➖Learning more about resources in the local area as we are a military family.
➖ Communication with him not understanding what’s going on.
➖Making friends for my son and myself who understand.
➖Finding friends/ social skills
➖Doing things socially outside of the home environment
➖Social Skills and Functionality
➖Social activities for him AND me.
➖Will she be able able to hold a job
➖Making sure I can do/give everything I can for my son and to make him comfortable!
➖My son learning how to make and keep new friends
➖Social isolation, looking for support with other ASD moms
➖Having interaction and friends his age
➖School success, especially coming right out of COVID
➖Helping tweens and teens with social communication
➖Outbursts are becoming violent
➖He misses human contact with others
➖Angry and aggression
➖I’d love to find kids who might enjoy hanging with my kids.
➖Needing support and understanding someone to talk to regularly
➖Activities for the whole family  ➖Bullying
➖Functional language
➖Very little help and support… I need to find my village
➖Getting through the high school years
➖Socializing, meltdowns, proper responses to anger besides hugs
➖Social issues that often lead to aggressive behavior
➖Puberty, headstrong, argumentative,
➖Language Development and new
➖Having friends for all three of our girls