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Wave Riding Vehicles Surf Camp

Yesterday after surf camp, TJ repeatedly told us that Payton has no fear. This summer, between Lee’s Lil ShorebreakersWave Riding Vehicles Surf Camp and riding his Dad’s board, Payton has confidence like no other. 

Wave Riding Vehicles Surf CampYou guys have given him something no one can take way. The love of surfing and the confidence to take it to the next level. Much, much love.

A big shout out from the roof tops to MikeBrendan, TJ, Kekoa, Brian, his DAD, AND Christian, who has been there all along….plus, not to EVER FORGET Surfers Healing VB Camp where it all started.

WRV Surf Camp – Week 11

These KIDS and MOM(S) ROCKED IT this week.  There were about 35-40 surfers with tons of AMAZING instructors.  We had the PROS this week teaching our groms!!!!  Wave after wave, paddle after paddle, pop after pop – they surfed – over and over again.

Wave Riding Vehicles Surf Camp

Wave Riding Vehicles Surf Camp

SHE took it to the next level and always had a ear to ear grin on her face!!!

Wave Riding Vehicles Surf Camp 2014 Day 1

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Wave Riding Vehicles Surf Camp

****Wave Riding Vehicles Surf Camp Day 1****

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