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Teachable Moments…

This incredible, tear-jerking video came across my feed this morning.  Connor, my youngest son who has Autism, was snuggled up right beside me.

About halfway through it, he said,

“It would be funny if Payton felt that way about me.”

My heart went into my throat.  After I recovered, I knew I had to use this as a teachable moment.

So, I had Payton come over and we watched the first half again together.

It took a bit, but Payton admitted that he would do anything for Connor.

…That he loves him…that they are best friends…that he gets him more than anyone else….that he would protect him forever.  AND, that he would give Connor his most prized possession…his Angry Bird Pig.

Now, that’s LOVE!!!  

What an incredible moment. I will treasure it forever.  Thank you Spencer and Mitchell for making this video.

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