I was lucky enough to snag a book written by Erma Bombeck from my Grandma’s collection. This was 20 some years ago and I still remember laughing my ass off while reading it.

Since she’s so funny I decided to gift Em, my niece a book written by her and she loves it. She said “I’m laughing out loud and I’m only 11% into it!”

So….who wants to laugh their asses off with me? First 5-10 people to sign up for the book club gets the book FREE. We’ll meet on Wednesday’s until we are done.


“During the 31 years in which Bombeck wrote more than 4,000 columns, an entire generation was born, grew up, started families and learned to love and listen to her. . . . From the start she was funny.” —The New York Times

“Wonderful Collection of Writings from an American Treasure

Five stars aren’t NEARLY enough to rate this book. I devoured her books as we were raising our 3 rambunctious boys. So often, the hilarious stories of her motherhood experiences paralleled my own and helped me keep my sanity. Her wonderful personality and humanity made her readers feel they knew her personally. She was an American treasure and this book of selections from some of her books is a fitting tribute to a wonderful humorist and human being. If you haven’t read ALL of her books, you should!”

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*Snippet from Erma Bombeck’s Book.