Because they get it. And for every event, I do the following so you feel like you know someone before you step through the door.

Steps for EPIC Events

1. Everyone who registers for an event is added to a private group chat. 

2. Leading up to the events, the chat explodes with how excited they are-some make it a surprise for their kids, others have kids bouncing off the ceiling because they’re so excited, others use it as a reward for selling popcorn, some parents were getting crazy creative so they could buy their honey:

“So if we show up at your house at 7am and hide in the bushes until the party, will that count against our chances of getting honey or…..”

And others shared how it was their first event and they were both excited and nervous:

“So excited and nervous, this is our first event with yall!!!  My Mason man doesn’t even know, I told him its a surprise for being such a superstar with starting school!!!”

3. I shared a video of my new back yard- I feel like such a grownup!!! 

4. Lastly, which I think connected us all the most was sharing all the videos, photos, talking about what they loved the most…

“Yesss Thank you!!!  Loved seeing all the kids have this moment!!!  Inreally enjoyed it myself!!!”

“@Suzi we had so much fun! Thank you and Bill for letting us come over!”

“Thank you for hosting it and inviting us! Finn didnt want to leave and I think he wants a bird now.”

“@Rachel you too! It was funny seeing your daughters personality do a complete 180 once the animals showed up. She was actually smiling!”